[FieldTrip] tetrahedral to hexahedral mesh

roberto.garza at artorg.unibe.ch roberto.garza at artorg.unibe.ch
Wed May 27 10:48:33 CEST 2020

Good morning,

I'm working in the DBS field and I'm using your library to obtain the headmodel. My aim is to include conductivity anisotropy in the computation of the electric field (by using the FieldTrip-SimBio pipeline). I have one conductivity matrix for each voxel in the image, so I built a hexahedral mesh to get a straightforward correspondence between an element and its conductivity. Now I need to integrate in the model the electrode as well: I have it in the form of a tetrahedral mesh. Is there a way to convert tetrahedral mesh to hexahedral? Or is there another way to integrate the two models that I'm not seeing?

Thank you for your time

Roberto Garza
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