[FieldTrip] Issue with segmentation and headmodels

Hussain, Sara (NIH/NINDS) [F] sara.hussain at nih.gov
Mon May 4 23:05:02 CEST 2020

Hello Fieldtrippers-
I am trying to create headmodels for source localization of EEG data. I have been successful using fieldtrips built in spm segmentation approach for several participants, but there are some for whom the segmentation is extremely poor and wildly inaccurate – adjusting the scalpsmooth and threshold parameters does not help at all. I am wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get a good segmentation using the built in fieldtrip approach through ft_volumesegment.

Alternatively, I have tried using other segmentation approaches (i.e., creating masks in AFNI) – but these approaches seem poorer than that implemented via spm. My main issue is that I am having trouble finding an approach that works reasonably well for everyone. Any tips you have would be highly appreciated, as I have been struggling with this for a few weeks now.

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