[FieldTrip] source statistics within spatial ROIs

Lin Wang wanglinsisi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 22:38:35 CET 2020

Hi Fieldtripers,

I'm trying to conduct cluster-based permutation test to source activation
within anatomically pre-defined spatial ROIs.

In the *ft_sourceanalysis* function, the cfg.roi doesn't seem to work. In
an earlier post in the discussion list (
Haris hacked it by replacing the activation values outside of the ROIs as
NaN and setting up the "source.inside" field to contain the index values of
the ROI voxels only.

However, this method returns significant clusters for all spatial clusters,
because the resulted values within result.posclusters.clusterstat are Inf.

Is there another way to run the analysis?

Thank you!
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