[FieldTrip] Reminder: 4th International MoBI conference abstract deadline is in one week!

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Fri Feb 28 23:12:22 CET 2020

Dear MoBI fans, colleagues, and friends,

We hope you will join us San Diego for the 4TH INTERNATIONAL MOBILE BRAIN/BODY IMAGING (MoBI) CONFERENCE, which will take place June 7-10, 2020 at the University of California San Diego hosted by the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience. Reminder: abstract submission deadline is next Friday, March 6th: http://mobi2020.ucsd.edu<http://mobi2020.ucsd.edu/>. Please circulate this announcement to colleagues and trainees. Students and Postdoctoral fellows are especially invited to apply, with discounted registration.

We'd also like to let you know about two associated events bookending the MoBI conference that will be of interest:
June 7: 2nd Hands-on Lab Streaming Layer workshop (https://sites.google.com/ucsd.edu/eeglab2020/lsl-workshop-2020).
June 11: NSF Group Brain Dynamics Workshop: For anyone studying interpersonal interactions (or hoping to), we will have a day-long workshop with leading practitioners from around the world to share the state of the art in multi-person brain/body recording and analysis, and solve existing challenges. (https://sites.google.com/ucsd.edu/mobi2020/group-brain-dyn-workshop)
(In addition, the prior week will be a full EEGLAB workshop: http://eeglab2020.ucsd.edu<http://eeglab2020.ucsd.edu/>)

MoBI Conference Details

Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) is a new imaging approach employing mobile brain imaging methods synchronized to body motion capture and other behavioral and psychophysiological data streams to investigate brain dynamics accompanying natural cognitive and affective processes as humans interact with their environment and/or with others. Join MoBI researchers from around the world for three stimulating Keynotes by Stefan Debener (Benefits and pitfalls of wearable EEG), Laurel Trainor (Rhythm, prediction and multi-person interaction in music), and Sarah Robinson (Extended Organisms/Surrogate Bodies). Oral sessions will include the latest developments in imaging hardware, new software solutions to record and analyze multi-modal data streams, and MoBI applications in a wide range of research areas including spatial cognition, motor control, gait rehabilitation, sport science, music and dance, therapeutic interventions and others.

Abstract submission is now open (Deadline March 6, 2020) and discounted Early-Bird Registration is available through April 1st. Full conference information can be found at http://mobi2020.ucsd.edu<http://mobi2020.ucsd.edu/>. In case you have questions or comments please contact conference co-organizer John Iversen (jiversen at ucsd.edu<mailto:jiversen at ucsd.edu>).


John Iversen
Klaus Gramann

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