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Hi Judy,

On 3 Feb 2020, at 15:03, Judy Tabbal <judytabal95 at gmail.com<mailto:judytabal95 at gmail.com>> wrote:

Thanks for your answer,
(1) okay so you mean i should use a template source model, then parcellate it to the atlas, then wrap it to individual space using subject specific mri, right?

Yes indeed. You can downsample the atlas to the template sourcemodel (provided they are in the same coordinate system).

(2) And another question concerning this, if i want to take advantage and use the individual source model provided in the anatomy subject: so after parcellating the template source model with AAL atlas, we can then detect the index of each ROI in the template grid position. Would these index be the same in the individual sourcemodel position as in the template sourcemodel position?

Indeed (and this also relate to the second part of your point (1)): the dipole positions in the individual sourcemodels have a 1-to-1 correspondence to the dipole positions in normalised space. Therefore, the atlas label that is attached to the template source positions directly applies to the individual sourcemodels as well. In other words, no warping is needed afterwards.

Note that you should either use the cfg.method = ‘mode’, or ’nearest’ if you will be using ft_sourceinterpolate to downsample the anatomical atlas.

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best regards,

On Monday, February 3, 2020 at 3:44:46 PM UTC+2, Jan Mathijs Schoffelen wrote:
Hi Judy,

The suggestion in this case would be to use the dipole location coordinates of the relevant standard_sourcemodel3d from the megconnectome/template (or fieldtrip/template/sourcemodel) directory.

Best wishes,

On 3 Feb 2020, at 14:20, Judy Tabbal <judyt... at gmail.com> wrote:

i am bit confused with coordinate systems.
In fact, i want to parcellate the indivdual sourcemodel provided with anatomy folder (MEG HCP) for each subject using AAL Atlas.
However, AAL atlas is provided in MNI coordinate system and individual subject sourcemodel is in BTI system. So source interpolation will not work correctly with two different coord system.
What do you suggest in such case??
Thanks in advance

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