[FieldTrip] MEG compatible respiratory belt

Andreas Wollbrink a.wollbrink at wwu.de
Wed Sep 25 16:54:48 CEST 2019

Hi Malgorzata,

since a while (2 years) we are successfully using an MRI compatible
Respiration Transducer (Part No. TSD221-MRI) from Biopac Systems (
www.biopac.com) during our MEG recordings.
So far we did not experience any interference with the MEG signals.

In order to operate and control the device you will have to purchase
some more equipment (amplifiers, tubing, cabels etc.) from Biopac which
enables the recording of (further) peripheral signals (ECG, EDA etc.). 
At least at the CTF 275 channel system (VSM Omega 2005 with the DSQ-
3500 electronic) the analogue signals are easy to feed into the system
(via AD-inputs) in order to have simultaneous MEG/EEG recordings
together with the peripheral signals provided by the Biopac electronic.

If you have further questions feel free to contact me again.

Best, Andreas

On Wed, 2019-09-25 at 15:48 +0200, Malgorzata Wislowska wrote:
> Dear MEG-ers,
> does any of you have experience recording respiratory signal in MEG?
> We are planning to purchase a respiratory belt to use in MEG, and I
> would love to hear from anyone who might have tried that already.
> Note: we are interested in analyzing (sleep specific) slow
> oscillatory activity, so respiratory artifacts are not welcome.
> Instead, a pneumatic technology or optic fiber cable could be an
> option.
> Warm greetings from Salzburg,
> Malgorzata Wislowska,
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