[FieldTrip] question related to regularisation of filter in eLoreta

Kirstin Heise kirstin.heise at kuleuven.be
Wed Oct 23 11:48:38 CEST 2019

Dear FieldTrip experts, 

I am wondering what effect the use of different EEG data ‘modalities' (frequency as csd or covariance matrix, or time-locked) used for regularisation in the source analysis procedure with ft_eloreta on the actual resulting filter. 
I am trying to find a difference in my data and am confused because the resulting filter seem to be fairly similar. I wonder whether this is due to the fact that I using data segments of 5 seconds, which seem to be averaged in basically all the different procedures?
Would it be an option instead of averaging to concatenate the trial data and enter it into the source analysis step in order to use more information from the EEG data? 

Any clarification would be highly appreciated. 
Thanks already in advance. 


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