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NRC Research Fellowship Opportunity At WRAIR
The NRC Research Associateship Programs have supported the research of over 14,000 scientists and engineers. The goal of these programs is to provide advanced training and collaborative research opportunities for highly qualified graduate postdoctoral and visiting scientists, while enhancing the research conducted in federal laboratories and affiliated institutions. These awards are open to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and with some limitations, foreign nationals.
The mission of the Sleep Research Center (SRC) at WRAIR is to characterize the relationship between the features of normal and abnormal sleep and waking performance.
Specific goals relevant to the present position:

  *   To use novel analytic approaches to extract signals from multidimensional datasets (principally HD EEG/MEG, also ECOG, MRI) and identify patterns - e.g. local and large-scale functional networks, varying over time - that may be more informative than traditional sleep staging or spectral analysis.
  *   To relate patterns identified in this way to indices of waking performance, perceptual and motor function, cognitive function, alertness, creativity.
  *   To evaluate the effects of interventions - drugs, transcranial electrical stimulation, sleep deprivation/restriction - on these relationships
  *   To use the patterns derived in this way to more fully characterize of states of consciousness and transitions between these states (sleep onset, awakening, REM-NREM transitions)
The NRC Associate's role in SRC:

  *   Develop novel approaches for the analysis of multidimensional datasets (principally high density EEG/MEG) acquired during normal and abnormal sleep
  *   Identify and implement methodology from published literature or develop novel analytic routines in association with collaborators and designated experts
  *   Incorporate routines into packages/pipelines, implement in the WRAIR SRC environment, provide instruction and guidance to users
  *   Identify scientific problems congruent with the SRC mission, apply methods developed, write papers, present at national and international conferences
Candidate background:
MD with strong analysis and programming experience, or PhD (biomedical engineering, computer science, neuroscience) with strong analysis and programming experience.
Programming languages (one or more): Python, Julia, Bash/shell scripting, R, Stan, MATLAB, etc.
Analysis platforms (not required but preferred): EEG Lab, Fieldtrip, MNE, AFNI, Freesurfer, SPM, TensorFlow, etc.
Skill/experience in one or more of the following areas:
Signal processing methods - temporal, spectral, time-frequency and nonlinear feature extraction; spectral coherence, phase-phase, phase-amplitude coupling; feature classification (e.g. neural networks, self-organizing maps, SVM, HMM).
Time series analysis; dynamic connectivity analyses; nonlinear dynamics; graph theoretic analysis; Bayesian modeling; topological data analysis; data mining, other applied math/stats

NRC Associate position: Two year contract with renewal, $62.5K/yr for recent doctoral recipients,
Health insurance, relocation benefits, professional travel budget
Contact: Allen Braun. M.D.  allen.r.braun2.ctr at mail.mil<mailto:allen.r.braun2.ctr at mail.mil> or John Hughes, M.D. john.d.hughes4.ctr at mail.mil
Announcement<http://sites.nationalacademies.org/PGA/RAP/index.htm> at:

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