[FieldTrip] AAL atlas source parcellation

Mohammad Ostadmohammadi mohammad.ostad73 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 16:43:15 CEST 2019

Dear Fieldtrip forum,

I'm doing source parcellation with MEG data by using AAL atlas. At some
point in the documentations I read the following :
*atlas.pos = source_conn.pos; % *otherwise the parcellation won't work**
and after that has used *ft_sourceparcellate* function. I have some
questions about it.

1- I want to use *ft_volumelookup *for my parcellation. Do I need
to replace my atlas *pos* field with source_model *pos* field too (with

2- why the commented part says that "*otherwise the parcellation won't
work*". I
cannot understand it!

3- My atlas dimensions are not equal with source_model dimensions (so the
above replacement doesn't sense I think). Does this really matters?

4- when I load AAL atlas it doesn't have any *pos* field! why? Do I need
to replace pos field for this atlas too?
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