[FieldTrip] create grad struct from headloc channels

Anne Urai anne.urai at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 04:27:55 CEST 2019

Hi FieldTrippers,

My data have some sessions in which all trials are recorded in one CTF file, and others were participants took breaks in between blocks and there are several CTF files. For source reconstruction, I’d like to use each full session to have a similar number of trials per participant to estimate my common filter and apply a DICS beamformer.

This means I’ll need to create a grad struct from my appended session files. As far as I understand, the grad struct for CTF is defined at the start of each recording session. In this case, we used online head localization, so it makes more sense to take the average gradiometer position from all trials (after epoching and artefact rejection) that remain in the data.

Is there a way to compute a new grad struct from the headloc channels, after appending several recording files?


Anne E. Urai, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
www.anneurai.net / @AnneEUrai
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