[FieldTrip] headmodel and electrodes alignment

Elene Beitia Loinaz elene.beitia at alumni.mondragon.edu
Wed Jan 16 10:09:49 CET 2019

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your answer. I already try that, but the result that I
obtained is not correct either.



cfg.method= 'headshape';

cfg.headshape=headmodel.bnd(1); % this is the skin surface

elec_realigned =ft_electroderealign(cfg,data1.elec);

%Plot the result to see if is correct

vol = ft_convert_units(vol,'mm');

elec_realigned = ft_convert_units(elec_realigned,'mm')


ft_plot_sens(elec_realigned, 'style', 'b');

hold on


[image: Captura de pantalla 2019-01-16 a las 9.59.14.png]

Thank you in advance,

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