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The GENESIS (Genetic and Neurobehavioral Systems: Interdisciplinary Studies) lab (PI: Elena Grigorenko) at the University of Houston and Baylor College of Medicine has an opening for a postdoctoral research fellow to join ongoing projects investigating the neural basis of cognitive and linguistic development in laboratory and field settings. The successful applicant will contribute to two funded projects that utilize electrophysiological techniques (EEG, ERP) to characterize children who are at elevated genetic or environmental (e.g., early neglect and abuse) risk for  developmental language/reading disorder. Applicants must have a background in research using EEG or ERP methods, including experimental design and data collection, analysis, and interpretation.
Required qualifications:

•       PhD or equivalent in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Communication Disorders, Neuroscience, or related field

•       Experience with the analysis of EEG data and one or more of the following analysis packages: EEGlab/ERPlab, Brain Vision Analyzer, NetStation, or an equivalent EEG software analysis package

•       Experience designing and conducting EEG/ERP studies

•       Programming skills, including knowledge of at least one programming language and basic Unix commands

•       Demonstrable interest in the cognitive neuroscience of language and cognition and/or reading development

•       Proficiency with writing academic manuscripts, particularly those related to EEG/ERP

Preferred qualifications:

•       Experience with advanced electrophysiology analysis techniques; e.g., independent components analysis, connectivity, source localization

•       Advanced knowledge and expertise in statistics, e.g. multivariate statistics, or Bayesian methods

•       Experience working with developmental populations (e.g., school-age children and adolescents)

•       Leadership, communication, and organizational skills

This position is based at the University of Houston in Houston, TX, but will coordinate with research partners at multiple offsite locations, including Dr. Nicole Landi (University of Connecticut, Haskins Laboratories, Yale Child Study Center https://landi.lab.uconn.edu/), and Natalia Rakhlin (Wayne State University). Offsite coordination will involve training of research associates, designing and implementing experiments, and supervision of data collection and sharing.

Interested candidates should send: 1) a CV; 2) the names of three references; and 3) a cover letter to Drs. Grigorenko (elena.grigorenko at times.uh.edu<mailto:elena.grigorenko at times.uh.edu>), Landi (nicole.landi at uconn.edu<mailto:nicole.landi at uconn.edu>), or Rakhlin (natalia.rakhlin at wayne.edu<mailto:natalia.rakhlin at wayne.edu>). This position will remain open until filled; desired start date is on or before June 2019. Salary will be commensurate with NIH postdoctoral funding levels.
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