[FieldTrip] Question regarding loreta2fieldtrip

나은찬 eunchanna at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 06:30:33 CET 2019


I'm using MATLAB R2017b and sLORETA free software.

I'm interested in using sLORETA software to perform source localization on

I'm getting used to sLORETA, but I'm having a problem loading the sLORETA
solution (slor file) into MATLAB.

After some web searching, I found loreta2fieldtrip and I wanted to test
whether it works.

Here are the results I encountered:

>> [source] =
다음 사용 중 오류가 발생함: ft_preamble (line 80)
Could not run ft_preamble_callinfo - does not seem to exist

오류 발생: loreta2fieldtrip (line 48)
ft_preamble callinfo


I've only installed Fieldtrip toolbox and didn't add/delete anything yet.

Would you be able to help me with this?

Thank you in advance for your help.



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