[FieldTrip] Trial definition using events from seperate text file and continous eeg data

Ben Ighoyota Ajenaghughrure ighoyota at tlu.ee
Wed Jan 23 00:48:35 CET 2019

Hello All,

I need help creating trial definitions for my continous eeg data using
events time locked in a seperate text file.

I have my continous eeg data recorded during game interaction without any
event information.
The Game events are stored in a text file in miliseconds precission.

Both game and eeg recorder runs on the same PC. To take care time
synchronisation issues.

My problem is how to define trails for eeg data using the  event file
stored seperately , because currently my eeg data does not have any event

I am new to fieldtrip but have done this task in eeglab and would love to
move on to using fieldtrip toolbox.

Looking forward to your support.

Best Regards

Ighoyota ben.
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