[FieldTrip] Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Jyrki Ahveninen jyrki at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

We are seeking a talented, highly motivated individual to join a multimodal human neuroimaging research group in Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. Our NIDCD-funded research examines human auditory working memory, attention, and multisensory feedforward/feedback influences using multivariate statistical/machine learning analyses of MEG/EEG, high-field (3T) and ultra-high field (7T) fMRI, and MRI-navigated TMS/EEG. The noninvasive measures are validated by using ECoG/iEEG recordings in presurgical human patients.

 Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital is one of the largest biomedical imaging centers in the United States with over 200 research faculty members, post-doctoral Research Fellows, and graduate students. This position offers a unique opportunity to work and collaborate with leading researchers who develop and implement cutting edge technologies that could have a high impact on researchers of human auditory cognition, attention/working memory, and multisensory processing, as well as on the broader non-invasive neuroimaging and brain stimulation communities.

Required Skills/Abilities/Competencies: 

Ph.D. or equivalent in Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Psychology, or related fields.
Must have experience in at least one of the imaging modalities utilized (MEG/EEG, TMS, TMS/EEG, fMRI, or fMRI/EEG). Experience in subdural or extracellular neurophysiological recordings is a plus.
Proven understanding of cognitive neuroscience, particularly auditory cognition, attention and working memory, and multisensory integration.
Experience in Matlab, Python, and Linux-based command line operations.
Applicants with experience in advanced multivariate statistical analysis and machine learning techniques are strongly preferred.
Excellent teamwork, time management and organizational skills.
Excellent oral and written communication skills are required.
Strong publication record in peer-reviewed scientific journals
The approved applicant will hold a Massachusetts General Hospital and a Harvard Medical School appointment as a Research Fellow.

This position offers an opportunity to work with an engaged group of scientists that utilize the cutting-edge multimodal neuroimaging infrastructure at MGH Martinos Center to examine neuronal bases of human cognition. Interested candidates should send their cover-letter, full CV, and the names of 3 references to Dr. Jyrki Ahveninen (jyrki at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu). If you wish to obtain more information on the project, please contact Dr. Ahveninen by email.

The position is full-time with benefits and available immediately. A two-year time commitment is required with a possible extension of another two years. Salary will be based on qualifications and experience. The Massachusetts General Hospital is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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