[FieldTrip] headmodel and electrodes alignment

Elene Beitia Loinaz elene.beitia at alumni.mondragon.edu
Wed Jan 16 09:00:26 CET 2019

Dear fieldtriprs,

I still have problemns in aligning correctly the headmodel and the
electrodes. Although now both have the correct size, the electrodes do not
correctly fit the head.

*This is my code:*

%then we realign them


cfg.method= 'interactive';      %'interactive'%

cfg.headshape=headmodel.bnd(1); %the skin surface

elec_realigned =ft_electroderealign(cfg,data1.elec);

[image: Captura de pantalla 2019-01-16 a las 8.51.49.png]

*These are the structures used:*

data1.elec structure
    chanpos: [128×3 double]
    chantype: {128×1 cell}
    chanunit: {128×1 cell}
     elecpos: [128×3 double]
       label: {1×128 cell}
        type: 'biosemi128'
        unit: 'dm'

standard_vol structure
    bnd: [1×3 struct]
    cond: [0.3300 0.0041 0.3300]
     mat: [3000×3000 double]
    type: 'dipoli'
    unit: 'mm'

Thank you in advance,
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