[FieldTrip] Source reconstructions

Elene Beitia Loinaz elene.beitia at alumni.mondragon.edu
Mon Jan 14 10:52:04 CET 2019

Dear fieldtripers,

I am tryng to visualize the electrodes and the headmodel at the same time.
The problem that I have is that I need to reescale one of them.

I have tried to function ft_convert_units, but I just obtain the image

The structure of the information are the next ones,
     bnd: [1×3 struct]
     cond: [0.3300 0.0041 0.3300]
     mat: [3000×3000 double]
     type: 'dipoli'
     unit: 'mm'
      pnt: [133×3 double]
      label: {1×133 cell}

Code that I have used to obtained the image below:
ft_determine_coordsys (vol, 'interactive','no')

sens=ft_convert_units(sens, 'cm');
alpha 0.5

If somebody could help my I would be very grateful,


[image: image.png]
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