Elene Beitia Loinaz elene.beitia at alumni.mondragon.edu
Mon Jan 7 18:21:22 CET 2019

Dear Fieldtrip Community,

My name is Elene Beitia, I am a student from the Basque Country. I am
trying to use the fieltrip toolbox to do a source reconstruction of EEG`s
in Resting State.

I am  having troubles in doing the fourier transform. The input data that I
am using is in 'ms' and the error that I get is the next one:

Error using ft_checkdata (line 525)
This function requires 'raw', 'raw+comp' or 'mvar' data as input, see
ft_datatype_raw or ft_datatype_mvar.

Error in ft_freqanalysis (line 212)
data = ft_checkdata(data, 'datatype', {'raw', 'raw+comp', 'mvar'},
'feedback', cfg.feedback, 'hassampleinfo', 'yes');

I have change the parameters to see if the problem was there but I still
get the same.

I add the code in this message:



cfg              = [];
cfg.dataset      = filename;
cfg.datatype     ='mvar';
cfg.continuous   ='yes';
cfg.output       = 'fourier';
cfg.channelcmb   = 'all';
cfg.channel      = 'all';
cfg.trials       = 'all';
cfg.keeptrials   = 'yes';
cfg.keeptapers   = 'yes';
cfg.method       = 'mtmfft';
cfg.taper        = 'hanning';
cfg.toi          = [-1 : 0.10 : 1.5];
cfg.foi          = 1:40;
cfg.t_ftimwin    = ones(size(cfg.foi)) * 0.5;
cfg.pad          ='nextpow2';
cfg.feedback     = 'no';
%cfg.hassampleinfo= 'yes';

data_Fourier     = ft_freqanalysis(cfg);


Hope you can give me some information in order to solve the problem,

Thank you in advanced,

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