[FieldTrip] [Fieldtrip] Power spectrum units and Error in ft_topoplotER

Es, M.W.J. van (Mats) M.vanEs at donders.ru.nl
Tue Sep 4 15:06:52 CEST 2018

Hi Alessandro,

Power is the square of the magnitude of your signal. Since your signal is in uV, the units of power would be (uV)^2. Note that this only holds if you have not applied any transformations (like normalizations) to your raw data or power values. Relating to your second question, I think your specification of the label structure is wrong. Try replacing the first {} brackets in 
freq_EEG_append.label{i,1}       = freq_EEG{1}{i}.label; 
with normal brackets (): 
freq_EEG_append.label(i,1)       = freq_EEG{1}{i}.label;

Hope that helps.

Mats van Es


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Dear all,

I would have two questions.

*1)* First one is about ft_freqanalysis: which are the units of the output, given the cfg.output='pow' and the EEG data in uV?

*2)* The second one is about the topoplot. I'm trying to plot the power spectrum over the following six channels (I created the following .lay

1 -0.186808 0.232745  0.125128 0.093849 F3
2 0.186808  0.232745  0.125128 0.093849 F4
3 -0.225000 0.000046  0.125128 0.093849 C3
4 0.225000  0.000046  0.125128 0.093849 C4
5 -0.139045 -0.427979 0.125128 0.093849 O1
6 0.139045  -0.427979 0.125128 0.093849 O2

This is the code I wrote to try to plot it:

freq_EEG_append = freq_EEG{1}{1};   % Just one sleep stage

for i=2:6   % Length(selchan)
    freq_EEG_append.label{i,1}       = freq_EEG{1}{i}.label;
    freq_EEG_append.powspctrmft_sin(i,:)   = freq_EEG{1}{i}.powspctrm;
    freq_EEG_append.cfg.channel{i,1} = freq_EEG{1}{i}.cfg.channel; end

cfg = [];
% cfg.xlim = [0.3 0.5];
% cfg.zlim = [0 6e-14];
cfg.layout = 'EEGCap.lay';
cfg.parameter = 'individual';

In the first part of the code, I created the struct freq_EEG_append collecting the data from freq_EEG, a 1x4 cell (four sleep stages) array whose elements (still cell array) contains six structures (six channels), each resulting from the application of the ft_freqanalysis.

freq_EEG_append =

   struct with fields:
   label: {6×1 cell}
   dimord: 'chan_freq'
   freq: [1×1121 double]
   powspctrm: [6×1121 double]
   cfg: [1×1 struct]

But I'm getting the following error:

Error using cell/unique (line 85)
Input A must be a cell array of character vectors.

Error in ft_channelselection (line 107)
if length(datachannel)~=length(unique(datachannel))

Error in ft_prepare_layout (line 234)
  cfg.channel = ft_channelselection(cfg.channel, data.label);

Error in ft_topoplotER (line 209)
cfg.layout = ft_prepare_layout(tmpcfg, varargin{1});

Thanks in advance for your help.

Alessandro Orticoni

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