[FieldTrip] New online courses on linear algebra, signal processing, and programming

Mike X Cohen mikexcohen at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 18:40:54 CEST 2018

Dear colleagues,

Over the past year, I've been working on a growing collection of online
courses (linked from sincxpress.com) that can be used in formal university
classes or for self-learning.

All together, there is currently >120 hours of video instruction as well as
many many thousands of lines of MATLAB and Python code, suitable for
teaching and for adaptation to data analysis. Current course topics include:
- Introduction to MATLAB programming
- Advanced problem-solving in MATLAB
- Linear algebra (MATLAB and Python)
- Advanced linear algebra applications in neuroscience (MATLAB)
- Fourier transform (MATLAB and Python)
- Neural signal processing, time-frequency analysis, and statistics (MATLAB)

I will be adding more courses over the next months/years, and they will all
be linked from sincxpress.com. I hope you find this educational material
useful for you, your colleagues, and your students.


Mike X Cohen, PhD
Fresh look: mikexcohen.com
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