[FieldTrip] seed based SOURCE connectivity analysis between Groups - GA, plotting and statistics

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Hi Conny,

You are a bit short on the details, so it is hard to give to-the-point feedback.

@1 this depends on the type of connectivity metric you have in mind. You mention the ‘cfg.refindx’ so I assume that you want to use ft_connectivityanalysis. Also, do you use ‘parcellated’ source data, or is the data defined on individual dipole positions?

@2 this works best if your individual subject source models can be easily compared, e.g. according to


This allows for averaging/statistics at the low-number-of-sources (before interpolation) and saves a lot of memory.

Best wishes,


On 23 Oct 2018, at 00:18, Quaedflieg, Conny (PSYCHOLOGY) <conny.quaedflieg at maastrichtuniversity.nl<mailto:conny.quaedflieg at maastrichtuniversity.nl>> wrote:

Dear Fieldtripers,

I’m trying to compare 2 groups (n=40 per group) on SOURCE connectivity data using a seed (based on an atlas).
Based on the help function this should be possible using cfg.refindx.

Though, the analysis looks exactly the same with and without the refindx specified.

I would be really grateful with help on the following

  1.  Ideas how to run a seed based source analysis
  2.  How can I combine source data of several pp’s and plot the grand averages and run statistics over it?

I tried this with ft_sourcegandaverage though when interpolating the data to the MRI I get error messages that the data is too large and that it wil take too long.


Conny Quaedflieg, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Clinical Psychological Science
Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience
UNS 40, Room A3731a

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