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Dear Cristiano,

Could you please post this add on the fieldtrip website?

Thanks a lot,


The Institute of Cognitive Science, Lyon, France is inviting applications
for a postdoctoral position to study social decision making and reward
processing using fMRI in healthy subjects and intracranial recordings in
patients with epilepsy. The institute of Cognitive Science is located in
Lyon, a thriving universitary city. The institute hosts an
interdisciplinary community with access to several brain imaging
facilities, such as one research-dedicated siemens scanner, one MEG, one
TEP, EEG, TMS and other useful resources. Candidates, preferably with
model-based fMRI experience, should send their CV, statement of research
interests, and representative publications to Jean-Claude Dreher (
https://dreherteam.wixsite.com/neuroeconomics), Email: dreher at isc.cnrs.fr

Dr Jean-Claude Dreher,
Research director, CNRS UMR 5229
Neuroeconomics group, Reward and decision making
Institut des Sciences Cognitives Marc Jeannerod,
67 Bd Pinel, 69675 Bron, France
tel: 00 334 37 91 12 38
fax: 00 334 37 91 12 10
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