[FieldTrip] Spike artifacts in EEG, 7-12Hz

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Dear Matthias,

Admittedly, I do not know what this could be. While the first step should of course be to find the source and eliminate this (any devices in the EEG lab, artefact from the acoustic stimulation/headphones, …), in case you are unable to find it, you could remove the component(s) that correspond to the artefact. But as I said, the first goal should always be to record clean data…


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Dear all,

my name is Matthias and I am relatively new to the field of EEG analysis. I'm currently carrying out a study on the effects of natural sounds on the quantitative EEG in patients with Parkinson's disease at the universities of Vanvouver and Marburg.

Right now I'm experiencing these weird artifacts as seen in the screenshot. It's sharp spikes, looking similar to ECG artifacts, but in frequencies of 7-12Hz.
They are also showing up in the independent components after ICA as well.

The recording was done at a sampling rate of 500 Hz, I've applied a Band-Pass filter from 1-249Hz and two notch filters, 60 and 120 Hz (recording took place in Canada).

Has anyone seem similar artifacts before and maybe even knows how to get rid of them?

Many thanks in advance and all the best,

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