[FieldTrip] ft_redefinedata after pre-processing

Silvia Formica Silvia.Formica at UGent.be
Mon Nov 26 14:19:22 CET 2018

?Dear all,

I'm in need of suggestions on the correct analyses strategy for my data.

I have an experiment with a cue followed (after ~2 seconds) by a target.

I epoched the data cue-locked and pre-processed my dataset. In my preprocessing I'm downsampling, re-referencing, rejecting some trials, running ICA, etc etc.

My problem is that I would want to also epoch my data target-locked, but I want to do it after pre-processing the cue-locked dataset. This is because I want to exclude the same trials and apply exactly the same corrections to the two different datasets.

I tried to use the function ft_redefinetrial, creating the new probe-locked trial definition and applying it to the cue-locked dataset.


cfg.trl=trl;                            # trl contains the trial definition of target-locked epochs

data_target = ft_redefinetrial (cfg, data_cue)

But I do not obtain what I wished for, because I get a data_target dataset that doesn't account for the trial rejection I performed while pre-processing the cue-locked dataset.

So my questions are:

1) is it possible to achieve my goal?

2) If yes, what is the right strategy to do it?

Thanks for any input and suggestion!



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