[FieldTrip] ICA inspection: Error using ft_icabrowser.m

SILVA PEREIRA, SILVANA silvana.silva at upf.edu
Mon Nov 5 16:14:35 CET 2018

Dear all,

I'm trying to use the funtion ft_icabrowser.m, but I get the following
error message:

Error using topoplot_common (line 523)
labels in data and labels in layout do not match

Error in ft_topoplotIC (line 184)
  [cfg] = topoplot_common(cfg, comp);

Error in ft_icabrowser (line 151)
        ft_topoplotIC(cfgtopo, comp);

I understand that the error is due to a mismatch between the labels of the
cfg struct and the layout I'm using. I modified the entries of the struct
in acticap-64ch-standard2.mat, where I removed four of the channels, since
we have in addition RM, LM, Heog and Veog. Adding these four labels to the
original label list does not solve the problem. Any idea to work around
this issue?

Thank you!

*Silvana Silva Pereira*
/Postdoctoral Researcher/
Center for Brain and Cognition <http://cbc.upf.edu/cbc.upf.edu/index.html>
[image: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona]
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