[FieldTrip] Brain Source Localization using EEG Signals

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This tutorial explains how to create a FEM/BEM head model ( using MRI
dataset) for solving forward problem ( to obtain the leadfield) . I think
in your case ( using EEG signals) you need to solve the inverse problem
which is explained "

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> Hello everyone
> I am doing b.tech final year project on Brain Source Localization using
> EEG Signals.
> I am following the FieldTrip Toolbox for this project.
> The workshop
> http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/workshop/baci2017/forwardproblem provides
> the solution of my project but they had used MRI dataset(i.e .mri file)
> instead of EEG dataset(i.e .eeg file)
> Please provide me the solution using EEG dataset.
> Thank you.
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