[FieldTrip] ft_connectivity_laggedcoherence

Jose Herrero jose.herrero66 at gmail.com
Wed May 16 18:17:52 CEST 2018

dear Fieldtrippers,

I'm comparing different coherence methods including the fieldtrip method of
lagged coherence.

running the code with...

cfg.method      = 'laggedcoherence';

lcoh                 = ft_connectivityanalysis(cfg, freq)

results on...

Error using ft_connectivityanalysis (line 375)

unknown method laggedcoherence

running the code with...

lcoh = ft_connectivity_laggedcoherence(cfg, freq)

results on:
In an assignment  A(:) = B, the number of elements in A and B must be the
Error in ft_connectivity_laggedcoherence (line 213)
      lagwidth(lagindx) = cfg.lag*cyclelength*lagindx;
as 'cfg.lag' is assigned a length equal to the length of the trial
(1x15000, single trial).

if this method works, is it possible to use it to compute lagged coherence
between an external signal (which oscillates at a freq <0.5Hz) and the iEEG
brain signal?

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