[FieldTrip] clarifications on the eeglab2fieldtrip function

Roberto Petrosino robpetrosino at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 02:56:16 CET 2018

Hello fieldtrippers,

can anyone clarify the usage of the argument fieldbox in the eeglab2fieldtrip function below? I don’t seem to find any relevant information anywhere.

> eeglab2fieldtrip() - do this ...
>   Usage:    >> data = eeglab2fieldtrip( EEG, fieldbox, transform );
>   Inputs:
>     EEG       - [struct] EEGLAB structure
>     fieldbox  - ['preprocessing'|'freqanalysis'|'timelockanalysis'|'companalysis']
>     transform - ['none'|'dipfit'] transform channel locations for DIPFIT
>                 using the transformation matrix in the field
>                 'coord_transform' of the dipfit substructure of the EEG
>                 structure.
>   Outputs:
>     data    - FIELDTRIP structure



Roberto Petrosino
Ph.D. Student in Linguistics
CT Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences
University of Connecticut

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