[FieldTrip] Windows10: Missing dependent shared libraries: 'MSVCR100.dll'

Oleksiy Bobrov Oleksiy.Bobrov at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Jun 14 16:32:24 CEST 2018

Please, help to fix the following error-exception with Windows10:

Invalid MEX-file 'W:\Fieldtrip\fieldtrip-20180603\src\ft_getopt.mexw64': 
Missing dependent shared libraries: 'MSVCR100.dll' required by 
The above error accuses every time,  we use "ft_compile_mex"-function. 
The 'MSVCR100.dll'-library is installed, and will be found.
Here is our  configuration.

1. Windows 10 Prof. (fresh installed, up-to-date)
2. Matlab 2018a.
3. Visual C++ Redistributable für Visual Studio 2015 is installed.
4. Fieldtrip-20180603 is in use.

Perhaps, would someone report a workable Windows10-runtime for Fieldtrip?

Best regards
Mr. Oleksiy Bobrov
University of Konstanz

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