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Dear list,

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Subject: field trip loreta error
Date: 31 July 2018 at 09:20:05 GMT+2
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Hi all,

I am brand new to fieldtrip and still fairly new to Matlab (R2014a) . I downloaded the fieldtrip toolbox (20180722) and set up paths as instructed. Now I tried to convert some loreta files I have into fieldtrip files but I keep getting this error: "Error using ft_preamble (line 82)

Could not run ft_preamble_callinfo - does not seem to exist

Error in loreta2fieldtrip (line 48)
ft_preamble callinfo

I searched the net but I could not find any satisfying answers. I then found the ft_preamble callinfo script on github and just copied and saved it in my directory as a .m file. Now that error is gone but when I want to execute loreta2fieldtrip I get another error:

Error using ft_notification (line 340)
unsupported LORETA format

Error in ft_error (line 39)

Error in loreta2fieldtrip (line 82)
  ft_error('unsupported LORETA format');

I tried some stuff but as far as I can judge I converted the slor-files appropriately and I have no idea what to do with this error...Since I really want to use your tool box, it would be super if you could help me out!


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