[FieldTrip] Averaging over frequencies in ft_freqstatistics

Sebastian Sauppe sauppe.s at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 09:01:59 CEST 2018

Dear FieldTrip list,

I am testing different frequency bands with cluster-based permutation tests using ft_freqstatistics. For this, I use cfg.avgoverfreq = ‚yes‘ when setting up the test. However, I am unsure about how FieldTrip actually handles the frequency averaging. Does it take the mean power of the specified frequencies or does it take the power of the mean frequency?

This is the relevant code I use:

cfg.frequency        = [3 8];
cfg.avgoverfreq      = 'yes‘;

[stat] = ft_freqstatistics(cfg, data_A, data_B);

In my data, I have the following frequencies: [3.9062 4.8828 6.1035 7.0801 8.0566 9.0332 10.0098]. In the statistics output, after averaging over frequencies stat.freq returns only 6.0059. This is the mean of the frequencies between 3 and 8. But I can’t see whether somehow the power of that frequency was assessed in the test or whether the power of all frequencies in that band was first averaged and then tested.


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