[FieldTrip] Cluster analysis for across subjects with behavioral data

Daniel Baena Perez dbaeper at upo.es
Thu Feb 22 18:31:03 CET 2018

Dear all 

I would like to use the cluster analysis functions in Fieldtrip on
correlation statistics. My data consist on an eeg signal recorded on 8
different channels and 125 time bins for 31 subjects. I would like to do
an across subjects correlation for each time bin and each channel with
the behavioural results. 

Which function is more suitable for this purpose? 

My reasoning so far is to use ft_statfun_intersubcorr in the first place
but I'm not sure how to continue with the cluster analysis per se. Can
this function be given as an argument to ft_timelockstatistics? 

Thank you, 

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