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Wed Dec 5 18:54:13 CET 2018

Thank you for this great effort!

A perfect Sinterklaas gift ;)

On Wed, Dec 5, 2018, 17:22 Robert Oostenveld <r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl

> Dear FieldTrip community,
> The FieldTrip website has been implemented as a wiki using the Dokuwiki
> <http://dokuwiki.org/> CMS for more than 10 years now. But the ongoing
> struggles in updating the underlying code base to prevent being hacked
> (which happened a few times), the effort to keep the website/wiki free of
> spam (which happened too often), and to maintain and extend the
> documentation of thee website have triggered us to move to a new system.
> You may already have noticed that the wiki was not editable for some weeks:
> this was to allow us the opportunity to copy all content over.
> We now have a new website that is implemented using Jekyll
> <http://jekyllrb.com/> (which some of you might know from github pages).
> It is technically not a wiki any more, but importantly: you can still
> directly contribute. The important difference is that contributions are now
> done by editing markdown documents and using github
> <https://github.com/fieldtrip/website>. This allows us to review them for
> correctness and consistency and (importantly) to prevent spam. Furthermore,
> having all pages in one easily accessible place makes maintenance and large
> edits easier, and properly gives credits to the documentation contributors.
> To edit, you need a github account. You can do edits directly on the github
> website, or fork/clone the repository and send PRs.
> The new website can be found on new.fieldtriptoolbox.org, Up to now the
> main address www.fieldtriptoolbox.org is pointing to the old one, but I
> will redirect it so that it points to the new one. It might take some time
> for you to see the change. The old website will remain available for some
> time on old.fieldtriptoolbox.org.
> All content has been moved over and (almost) all URLs from the old website
> should point to the same page on the new website. The overall menu
> structure has been changed/simplified; hopefully you can still find the
> pages you are familiar with. The search functionality has been
> significantly improved and now automatically returns results both from
> website and email list. The new website also loads much faster than the old
> one, and you could actually get a fully functional offline copy on your
> hard disk or own server.
> We are still (as always) working on improving the new website. Especially
> the overall organization of the documentation has gotten a bit messy over
> the years (in true wiki style ;-) and we will try to restructure it more
> and make the wealth(*) of documentation more accessible. Furthermore, you
> can expect some technical improvements and more to come in the future
> (check out the new matlab2markdown and markdown2matlab functions in
> fieldtrip/utilities). If you have suggestions, or if you are skilled with
> jekyll/html/css/javascript, or want to help out in any other way, please
> open an issue here <https://github.com/fieldtrip/website> to contribute.
> best regards,
> Robert, Eelke, Jan-Mathijs and the others that helped transitioning to the
> new website
> PS (*) the FieldTrip website now has 944 pages of documentation (excluding
> the reference documentation) and 1022 figures.
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