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Dear Darren,

In this context it might be also interesting to look into Robin Ince’s  gcmi tool (Gaussian Cupola transform based mutual information). As far as my understanding goes, this techniques allows for the computation of directed information between time series (optionally conditioned on a third one), which is very similar to transfer entropy. Robin and I have been working to integrate his tools into FieldTrip a while ago, but did not quite finalize it (although FieldTrip at present should support the computation of mutual information between neural signals, and a continuously valued reference signal, using Robin’s code). With some proper incentive we might consider finishing the final 5% in order to really get it up and running for directed information as well.

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Hi All

Could anyone suggest the tools for computing transfer entropy in Matlab? I had a look at MuTE toolbox, but that seemed overly complicated, and I couldn’t even get the example to work. I’m currently looking at TRENTTOOL which looks good and works with fieldtrip format. I will also try “phase transfer entropy”, which is a single matlab function and simple to implement.

Any other suggestions or comments / experiences with those above would be very helpful.

To begin with I would simply like to check for information transfer between two timeseries. I may also check for indirect serial transfer i.e. A>B>C



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