[FieldTrip] [ANN] OpenMEEG 2.4 release

Alexandre Gramfort alexandre.gramfort at inria.fr
Mon Aug 27 12:52:23 CEST 2018

Dear community,

We are pleased to announce the new 2.4 release of OpenMEEG.

Last release from OpenMEEG was a while ago but a number of
developments and bug fixes have been done since then and just needed
to be released.

A few highlights

    - Support for non-nested geometries (e.g. hole in skull)

    - Python bindings work now for both Python 2 and 3 in Windows,
Linux and OSX platforms.

    - Openmeeg can now be installed though conda. See installation for
details, this installs the OpenMEEG libraries, binaries and bindings.

    - Project was moved to GitHub:
https://github.com/openmeeg/openmeeg and continuous integration is now
done with Travis and Appveyor that also generate nightly builds for
all 3 platforms.

    - Improved web site at https://openmeeg.github.io/

    - New tutorial page at : https://openmeeg.github.io/tutorial.html

    - Optimized parallel computation of the D operator (should
accelerate Head matrix computation with OpenMP parallel binaries)

    - All files saved and written by OpenMEEG are now in Matlab 7.3 /
HDF5 format so can be accessed just with load and save in Matlab.


Many thanks to Fran├žois Tadel to help us with the Brainstorm
integration and to Sarang Dalal for revamping the Fieldtrip code to
better support this new version.


If you have used OpenMEEG before you will need to recompute all the
intermediate files to use them with the version 2.4


The latest release precompiled binaries are available at:


The precompiled Python extension can now be installed with Anaconda
python distribution:

conda install -c conda-forge openmeeg.

Should you have any issue with this release please report it on the
issue tracker on github: https://github.com/openmeeg/openmeeg/issues

The OpenMEEG developers

People who contributed to OpenMEEG (in alphabetical order) since the beginning:

 Alexandre Gramfort
 Boris Burle
 Daniel Miklody
 Emmanuel Olivi
 Joan Massich
 Kai Dang
 Kyle Beauchamp
 Marmaduke Woodman
 Maureen Clerc
 Perrine Landreau
 Renaud Keriven
 Sylvain Vallaghe
 Theodore Papadopoulo
 Thierry Guillemot
 Yaroslav Halchenko

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