[FieldTrip] question on coil orientations for elekta systems

Thomas Hartmann thomas.hartmann at th-ht.de
Tue Aug 21 10:24:25 CEST 2018


while diving into the import code for elekta systems, i noticed that 
coil orientations are imported like this:

t = orig.chs(n).coil_trans;

grad.coilpos(kCoil,:) = t(1:3,4)+0.0003*t(1:3,3);
grad.coilori(kCoil,:) = t(1:3,3);

(full code is here: 

t (or coil_trans) is a 4x4 matrix, that if i understood it correctly, is 
a 3x3 rotation matrix combined with xyz coordinates in the last column.

if i understand everything correctly, coilori is supposed to store a 
unit vector pointing in the direction of the coil's orientation.

so, why is this the third column?

thanks a lot in advance!


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