[FieldTrip] Common Baseline for uneven length trials

Sanjeev Nara s.nara at bcbl.eu
Thu Apr 19 23:48:24 CEST 2018

Hello Researchers 

I am working on a dataset where i have some trials per subject which are time locked to target1. I computed the time frequency response by specifying first 400 miliseconds as Baseline. Then i redefine the trials to a different triggers by providing the pre calculated offset. The offset introduces the trials (pre trig) with different timings. I mean some trials start with say -2.5 seconds and some starts at say -2.4 (my offsets is varying). i have mainly two questions:

1. How can take a common baseline for both the cases. 
2. is it possible to specify the samples in fieldtrip Baseline option. 


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