[FieldTrip] Computing pca variables (i.e. Latent, and coefficient variables) after ft_componentanalysis

Isac Sehlstedt isac.sehlstedt at psy.gu.se
Tue Sep 19 08:07:41 CEST 2017

Dear fieldtripers,

I have conducted a EEG experiement and am currently in a wedge. The PCA-function used in matlab ( i.e. pca() )  gives me the latent and coeff values that I want to use for further analysis. Sadly, I have cannot figure out how to perform a group level analysis using the matlab function and later "unmix" the group analysis to the subject level.

The a group analysis ft_componentanalysis function is easier to "unmix" thanks to its description of how to do so. However, I have not found a way to extract the latent and coefficient variables from the variables included in the comp-structure.

My question is:
Can you extract the latent and coefficient variables from the ft_componentanalysis results?

Is it possible to extract the subject level latent and coefficient variables using the matlab function pca() ?

Very best,
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