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Subject: Question for Fieldtrip
Date: 15 September 2017 at 14:27:20 GMT+2
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Dear Fieldtrip expert,

I am Wenjia from NYU Shanghai. I am doing timefrequency analysis with frildtrip.
I have a question that I cannot solve. And, I am wondering whether you could help me.

Specifically, I want to import the EGI data that has been preprocessed (after segmentation but no average) into fieldtrip, and further do timefrequency analysis.
I donot know how to do this.

I have found a script like following:
    cfg = [];
    cfg.triggertype = 'Stimulus';
    cfg.prestim = 1.0; %1.0s before the onset
    cfg.poststim = 2.0;  %2.0s after the onset
    cfg.inputfile = sprintf('s02_32_tf');
    cfg.triggercode = 'S 32';
    data_32 = read_analyzer_data(cfg);
"s02_32_tf" is the name that I exported from EGI system, then included 3 files: asc, vhdr and vmrk.
However an error poped up: Undefined function 'read_analyzer_data' for input arguments of type 'struct'.
Any advice are appreciated. Thank you very much.

NYU Shanghai

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