[FieldTrip] ICA warning messages

Mazzetti, C. (Cecilia) C.Mazzetti at donders.ru.nl
Thu Sep 14 13:28:45 CEST 2017

Hi Evryone,
I was wondering why do i get this type of warnings when running ICA on my data.
this is the script I am using:

cfg.resamplefs = 300;
    cfg.detrend    = 'no';
    datads = ft_resampledata(cfg, data_clean);

    cfg.bpfilter='yes'; % bandpass , use low freqs for  alpha compponents
    cfg.bpfreq = [0.5 30];
    datatmp= ft_preprocessing(cfg, datads)

    cfg.method = 'runica';
    cfg.runica.maxsteps =30;
    comp_filt = ft_componentanalysis(cfg, datatmp);

    clear datads

    cfg           = [];
    cfg.unmixing  = comp_filt.unmixing;
    cfg.topolabel = comp_filt.topolabel;
    comp_origin = ft_componentanalysis(cfg, data_clean);

    clear comp

    cfg          = [];
      cfg.viewmode = 'component';
    cfg.layout   = 'CTF275.lay';
    ft_databrowser(cfg, comp_origin)

    cfg           = [];
    cfg.component = input('bad comps = ');
    meg_ica    = ft_rejectcomponent(cfg, comp_origin,data_clean);

later on after having selected the bad components i get these messages :

Warning: unexpected channel unit "unknown" in channel 158  (i get this for all the channels but i copy-pasted just one of them for obv reasons)
Warning: copying input chantype to montage
Warning: copying input chanunit to montage

Thanks in advance for your hints!


Cecilia Mazzetti - Ph.D. Candidate
Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, room 1.170
Kapittelweg 29 | 6525 EN Nijmegen

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