[FieldTrip] Workshop on intracranial recordings in human, October 3-4, Paris

Katia Lehongre k.lehongre-ihu at icm-institute.org
Mon Sep 4 11:26:52 CEST 2017

Dear all,

The first*WIRED*(*W*orkshop on *I*ntracranial *R*ecordings in humans : 
*E*pilepsy, *D*BS), will be held in Paris, France, at the Brain and 
Spine Institute (ICM) on October 3 and 4.
Registration is opened and*free*.

Conferences, technical discussions, poster session (prize worth 800€ to 
be awarded), commercial solutions, wine and cheese…

  All information and registration to this event on our website: 
http://wired-icm.org <http://wired-icm.org/>

_Note that_ only *a few spots are left* for poster presentation and that 
we have reach *70% of full capacity* including people from 10 Parisian 
institutes, 6 major French cities and 9 countries.

We hope to see you there!
The organizers

_Organization_ : Katia Lehongre, Adrien Schramm –

_Scientific Committee_: Vincent Navarro, Katia Lehongre, Brian Lau, 
Nathalie George, Michel Le Van Quyen, Marie Laure Welter, Lionel Naccache


*Tuesday October 3^rd *


*Research Lecture Session*


9:00 *   – /Welcome breakfast/*

9:30*    –   Event Introduction* 
/V. Navarro,  K. Lehongre/

9:45*     –   Keynote : Epileptic ictal wavefront*

*/C. Schevon/ 
<http://columbianeurology.org/profile/caschevon>*/ (Columbia, USA)/

10:45 *– /Break/*

11:00*   –   DBS: Title to be determined*

/J. Bastin (Grenoble, France)/

11:45*   –   DBS: **Title to be determined*

12:30*    – /Lunch & Poster session/*



*Methodological aspects*


14:00 *   –   Equipment : Focus on new electrodes* 
 /L. Valton/ 
<http://www.cerco.ups-tlse.fr/Luc-Valton>/ (Toulouse, France)/

15:00*    –   Analysis : Spike sorting techniques* 
 /F. Mormann/ 
<http://www.sfb1089.de/index.php/2014-01-16-17-35-38/principal-investigatiors/29-priv-doz-dr-dr-florian-mormann>/ (Bonn, 

16:00 *– /Coffe Break/*

16:30*   –   Imaging: Electrode localization*

*/S. Fernandez/ <http://www.cenir.org/>*/ (Paris, France/)

18:00*   –   Wine and Cheese session*


*Wednesday October 4^th *


*Research Lecture Session*

8:45 *   – /Breakfast/*

9:00*    –   Keynote : Title to be determined*

*/P. Brown/ <https://www.ndcn.ox.ac.uk/team/peter-brown>*/ (Oxford, UK)/

10:00*   –   Memory encoding*

*/N. Axmacher/ 
<http://www.rd.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/neuro/wiss/pi/axmacher/index.html.en>*/ (Bochum, 

10:45 *–   Visual processing*

/L. Reddy / <http://cerco.ups-tlse.fr/%7Elreddy/Leila_Reddy/>/(Toulouse, 

11:30*   – /Coffee Break/*

11:45*   –   Focus: Imaging and electrophysiology*

/C. Ciumas-Gaumond (Lyon, France)/

12:45*    –  Conclusion & poster award*


*PM – Off event*

*Réunion du groupe Français Microelectrode*


*Note that *The *Blackrock Microsystems’ Clinical Electrophysiology 
Workshop* will occur on Monday 2nd. All info and registration on 
this satellite event click here 


Katia Lehongre

Ingénieure de recherche IHU-A-ICM
PF STIM CENIR, bureau -1.041
ICM, UPMC/Inserm U1127/CNRS UMR7225
Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière
Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière
47 Boulevard de l'Hôpital
CS 21414
75646 PARIS CEDEX 13
tel: 01 57 27 47 14

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