[FieldTrip] Fwd: the field cfg.neighbours is required

Antonio Arjona Valladares aarjona at us.es
Fri Oct 6 12:09:48 CEST 2017

Hello everyone! 

This is my query: 

Im trying to make statistical analyses of time-frequency with two groups
of subjects. I have created the file .study with both groups, precompute
de channels, and then I would like to apply the 'montecarlo/permutation
statistics' with 'cluster correction'. The problem comes when I select
all the electrodes and click on 'Plot ERSP(s)'. After a few seconds, the
program gives me this answer (image 3). 

I have been reading tutorials, but nothings appears about this issue. 

Thank you so much

Antonio Arjona Valladares

Research Technician (BS)
Human Psychobiology Lab, 
Experimental Psychology Department, University of Seville, 
C/Camilo José Cela s/n, 41018-Sevilla, 
Tel: +34 954 55 78 00 - 954 55 69 41
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