[FieldTrip] Grad Student Positions in Auditory Neuroscience, Human Interaction & Music

Andrew Chang changa5 at mcmaster.ca
Thu Nov 23 21:44:19 CET 2017

*Graduate Student Positions in Auditory Neuroscience, Human Interaction &
*McMaster University*

Two graduate student positions are available to work with *Dr. Laurel
Trainor* who directs both the Infant Auditory Lab (
https://trainorlab.mcmaster.ca) and the
LIVELab (https://LIVELab.mcmaster.ca) at McMaster University.

Projects include understanding human interaction in musical ensembles using
behaviour, motion capture and EEG measures; studying brain oscillations
involved in predictive timing and predictive coding; musical development in
infants and children; and applications using non-verbal measures to
understand auditory perception and communicative processes in special
populations such adults with dementia or hearing loss and children with
Developmental Coordination Disorder.

The research group is multidisciplinary with ties to Engineering, Health
Science and Music.  In addition to infant and adult behavioural and EEG
labs, students will have access to the internationally acclaimed LIVELab, a
research-concert hall capable of simulating almost any acoustical
environment and equipped with multiperson EEG, physiology, motion capture
and more (https://LIVELab.mcmaster.ca).

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Neuroscience,
Cognitive Science, Engineering, Computer Science or other affiliated
disciplines. General information on the graduate program can be found here:

Initial inquiries can be directed to Dr. Trainor at LJT at mcmaster.ca. Please
include a CV and unofficial transcript with your inquiry.

Papers from the lab can be accessed at

Andrew Chang, Ph.D. Candidate
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar

Auditory Development Lab
Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour
McMaster University
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