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Bastiaansen, Marcel Bastiaansen4.M at nhtv.nl
Fri Nov 10 12:04:37 CET 2017

Dear Fieldtrippers,

As a relative novice to classification algorithms, I have been playing around with Fieldtrip's svm classifier (ft_statistics_crossvalidate). This seems to work pretty smoothly, but I have two questions related to that:

1.       In the given contingency table one can see the actual classification of trials. However, I assume the actual classification is based on a classification probability for each trial. Is there a way of getting a list of classification probabilities for all trials from this function? Else, a quick hint at where in the code these probabilities are being computed / stored would help me build this functionality

2.       I have EEG data that belong to 4 classes, but ft_statistics_crossvalidate does not afford multiclass approaches. Any tips or hints at what would be robust and well-validated approaches for multiclass models for EEG data would be much appreciated.


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