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Luisa Roeder l.roeder at qut.edu.au
Wed May 31 04:28:11 CEST 2017

Dear Fieldtrip users,

I am part of a research team at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. I am currently working on time-frequency analyses of EEG and EMG signals.

I would like to use ft_freqstatistics for a cluster-based permutation test on my time-frequency data.
In the function itself and in the online documentation I read that the input data into ft_freqstatistics should be the result/output from either FT_FREQANALYSIS, FT_FREQDESCRIPTIVES or from FT_FREQGRANDAVERAGE.
I have not completed my time-frequency analysis via fieldtrip; hence, I am wondering if it is also possible to create my own input data structure to make it fit for ft_freqstatistics?
(Basically, I would like to skip ft_freqanalysis and directly start with cluster-based permutation testing via ft_freqstatistics, and for that I need to adapt my data structure.)  If it is possible, which fields have to be created in my variable to be fed into ft_freqstatistics, so it fulfils all requirements to make the function run?
Are there any fields from the output of, for example, FT_FREQANALYSIS that are not needed for ft_freqstatistics?

For example,
[stat] = ft_freqstatistics(cfg, coh1, coh2, ...)

What fields do coh1, coh2, ... have to have? E.g.

>> display(coh1)
     labelcmb: {8×2 cell}
       dimord: 'chancmb_freq_time'
    cohspctrm: [8×80×2049 double]
         time: [1×2049 double]
         freq: [1×80 double]
         elec: [1×1 struct]
          cfg: [1×1 struct]

Can I leave out some of these fields (particularly coh1.cfg), and it will still work for ft_freqstatistics?
Would it be enough to only have coh1.cohspctrm, coh1.time and coh1.freq?

I am still relatively new to Fieldtrip, and working my way through the tutorials etc., but I definitely having trouble to create an appropriate data structure as input into ft_freqstatistics (without using ft_freqanalysis or other functions alike beforehand). I would very much appreciate your help with this.

Thank you,
Kind regards

Luisa Roeder, PhD | Research Associate | Movement Neuroscience
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation | School of Exercise and Nutrition Science
Queensland University of Technology | 60 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, QLD 4059, Australia.
t: +61 7 3138 6428 | e: l.roeder at qut.edu.au<mailto:l.roeder at qut.edu.au> | w: www.ihbi.qut.edu.au<http://www.ihbi.qut.edu.au/>
CRICOS No. 00213J

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