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GREG SIMPSON greg at think-now.com
Wed May 3 20:53:25 CEST 2017

Dear Colleagues - I would like to post the following announcement:

*Post-Doctoral Fellow – EEG & Attention*

Think Now Incorporated may be seeking 1-2 post-doctoral fellows in the fall
of 2017 to work on NIMH funded projects analyzing novel EEG measures of
slow fluctuations in sustained attention (10-20 seconds), including data
from 400 subjects, and designing an entirely new type of EEG-based feedback
system to improve sustained attention. The work will include performing
sophisticated EEG data analyses and writing matlab code to create a closed
loop feedback system. There is also the potential, as time permits, for
exploratory research with machine learning methods to identify EEG activity
patterns related to attentional states and their dynamics.

We are seeking candidates with a solid background in signal processing,
experience with EEG time series, and possibly modeling. We prefer
self-directed individuals to take on this work. The successful candidate
will work with EEG and signal processing/modeling faculty at UCB and UCLA
as well as Dr. Simpson, and be able to regularly interact with other UC
post-docs and graduate students.

The position reports directly to Gregory V. Simpson, a cognitive
neuroscientist and Chief Scientific Officer of Think Now. Think Now is
located in San Francisco and is collaborating with faculty at UCB, UCLA and
OHSU on these projects.

Think Now is focused on creating solutions for the diagnosis and
amelioration of neurological and psychiatric disorders with a focus on
attention and its control.  Please send your CV to jobs at think-now.com with
a letter describing your prior experience with sophisticated signal (EEG)
analyses and any BCI or modeling methods.

Gregory V. Simpson, Ph.D.
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