[FieldTrip] How to compute permutation test on ITC data

Sebastian Jobke sebastian.jobke at nexgo.de
Fri Mar 31 18:07:43 CEST 2017

Hello Fieldtrip-Community, 

I am writing you to ask for some help. At the moment I am analysing EEG-Data
gained during a passive oddball paradigm. For the preprocessing I used
eeglab, transformed the data to the fieldtrip structure and computed
time-frequency analysis and ITC, for which you provided great tutorials. 

Now I am a little stuck, because I was wondering how to compute permutation
tests on ITC data? I have several subjects and want to compare two
conditions (standards and deviants). I saw that there is a function
(FT_STATFUN_DIFF_ITC) for this, but I unfortunately don't know how to use
it. More specifically, I was wondering how to average over subjects and if I
have to do the permutation test on every frequency band again (This, I did
for the time-frequency analysis, as described in your tutorial). Further, I
was wondering about how to use ft_freqstatistics with ITC-Data, how you
described it in the tutorial. 

For any advise, I would be more than greatful. 

Thank you very much in advance.




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