[FieldTrip] Channel order after interpolation

Arti Abhishek mailtome.2113 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 07:09:07 CET 2017

Dear list,

I am working with 128 channel EEG data recorded from infants and young
children. As they had few bad channels, I removed them, computed ICA,
removed eye-blink components and then interpolated the removed channels.
The interpolated channels were appended at the end, not at their original
positions. Is there a way I can add the interpolated channels in the
original order? I want to run some scripts outside fieldtrip on the data
and the channel order is important. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


cfg                     =[];
cfg.layout              = 'GSN-Hydrocel-129.sfp';
lay                     = ft_prepare_layout(cfg);
cfg                     = [];
cfg_neighb.layout       = lay;
cfg_neighb.method       = 'triangulation';
cfg.feedback            = 'yes';
EEG_neighbours          = ft_prepare_neighbours(cfg_neighb);

badchannels            = setdiff(lay.label(1:129), NJ_24_ica_artrej.label);

cfg                     = [];
cfg.layout              = lay;
cfg.neighbours          = EEG_neighbours;
cfg.badchannel          = badchannels;
cfg.method              ='spline';
cfg.senstype            = 'EEG';
NJ_24_ica_interp   = ft_channelrepair(cfg, NJ_24_ica_artrej);
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