[FieldTrip] HCP Course 2017: Accommodations Reservations now available

Jennifer Elam elam4hcp at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 17:41:03 CET 2017

Spaces are beginning to fill for the 2017 HCP Course: "Exploring the Human
to be held June 19-23 at the Djavad Mowafagian Centre for Brain Health
<http://www.brain.ubc.ca/> at University of British Columbia (UBC) in
Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Reservations for on-site accommodations
for those attending the course are now available.

The 5-day intensive HCP course will provide training in acquisition,
processing, analysis and visualization of whole brain imaging and
behavioral data using methods and software tools developed by the
WU-Minn-Oxford Human Connectome Project (HCP) consortium.

The HCP Course is the best place to learn directly from HCP investigators
and to explore HCP data and methods. This year's course will cover where
HCP is heading with advent of the Lifespan HCP development (ages 5-18) and
aging (ages 35-90+) projects and will provide hands-on experience in
working with the multi-modal human cortical parcellation (Glasser *et al.*
2016, Nature <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27437579>) and with
the “HCP-Style” paradigm for data acquisition, analysis, and sharing (Glasser
*et al.* 2016, Nature Neuroscience

For more info and to register visit the HCP Course 2017 website
If you have any questions, please contact us at:
hcpcourse at humanconnectome.org

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!

2017 HCP Course Staff
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