[FieldTrip] vtpm atlas contains no right IPS5

Tzvetan Popov tzvetan.popov at uni-konstanz.de
Tue Jul 18 09:28:28 CEST 2017

Dear Anne,
> I've been in touch with Dr. Liang Wang (first author on the paper), but he could only point me to the original NIfTI files on the website which have been converted in AFNI
> Do you know by any chance which author provided the mat file
I have created the mat file working from the nifti files. I don’t have the code anymore but it wasn’t too difficult. Yet, this code wouldn’t help since the ROI isn’t in the nifti files to begin with. I had exchange RE: missing ROI with Michael Arcaro back then. Here is what he wrote:

"As you said, ROI 23 does not appear to be in the volume lh map.
It’s there in the surface max prob map for the lh. I know Liang generated a separate probability map using nonlinear volumetric alignment, which was a little bit worse in quality than the surface map. It’s possible you’re using that map. I thought we sent you the volume projection of the surface max probability map though. It’s possible that the small area of ROI3 in the surface max probability map did not survive the projection back into volume space (since there is interpolation in the projection). I’ll double check with Liang and Ryan and see if they remember any issues with ROI23. It might be better to use the individual probability map for ROI 23 and use a more liberal threshold."

So it seems that Liang could indeed provide some more info on whether and how to use a more liberal threshold to get the ROI back into the volumetric representation?


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